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4.3.2020 at 09:00 - 24.3.2020 at 23:59



Kotimaisten kielten ja kirjallisuuksien KO; valinnainen kaikille Helsingin yliopiston opiskelijoille.

Suomi 2A tai vastaavat tiedot ja taidot.

After completing the course, you will

  • Be able to talk about past events in all tenses
  • Be able to describe your health and talk about your free time and hobbies
  • Be able to talk about your education and work history, as well as any career plans
  • Be able to talk about the festivities and customs of your own culture
  • Be able to talk about and express opinions on nature conservation, culture, arts and consumption
  • Be able to take part in various social situations and service encounters
  • Be able to look for information on matters related to the course topics (such as hobby opportunities) from various sources
  • Be able to read and write brief and simple texts on the course topics
  • Be proficient in polite requests and able to talk about conditional events
  • Be familiar with the functions of the passive voice and able to use it in suggestions, narration and colloquial Finnish
  • Be able to use colloquial expressions appropriately
  • Be familiar with Finnish holidays and customs, as well as Finnish cultural life and arts

Kurssi järjestetään mahdollisuuksien mukaan.

  • Practising fluent verbal expression both in everyday conversation and official service encounters; practising characteristics of colloquial Finnish
  • Further everyday vocabulary (health and illness, free time and hobbies); extended vocabulary for service encounters, education and working life; studying vocabulary related to culture, arts and nature conservation
  • Basic structures of language (the partitive case, the täytyy structure, usage of the MA infinitive (maan/massa/masta), negative past tense, the -minen verbal noun, perfect and past perfect tenses, plural local cases, possessive suffixes, plural partitive and genitive cases, the conditional mood, passive present tense, the zero person construction)
  • Practising writing simple non-fiction texts
  • Increasing familiarity with culture (festivities and customs) and expanding related vocabulary
  • The course consists of contact teaching, pair and group work, as well as independent study.
  • Students are expected to actively participate during classes and complete home assignments.
  • Completing the course requires attendance in 80% of classes.

Kirjalliset ja suulliset tehtävät kurssin aikana, mahdolliset välitentit ja lopputentti. Tentit voivat olla kirjallisia tai suullisia.

  • The assessment is based on potential interim examinations and a final examination, as well as potential course assignments and participation during the course.
  • The weight given to the different assessment factors will be announced at the beginning of the course.

Target proficiency level: A2.2

Kurssi, ei kirjatenttivaihtoehtoa.