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Enrol for the exam in WebOodi. Then book your exam time and place in Examinarium.


The course is compulsory in the Food Safety study module. The course is available for students with bachelor level knowledge in food sciences or relevant knowledge.

Bachelor level knowledge in Food Sciences

After completing the examination the student will have a wide understanding of food toxicology.

2nd year

Periods I-IV

Principles of food toxicology.

Study method is online examination in Examinarium. First enroll in WebOodi. Then make the time and place reservation in Examinarium: https://guide.student.helsinki.fi/en/article/taking-exams-examinarium-electronic-exam-rooms.

Püssa, T. 2014. Principles of Food Toxicology. 2nd ed. CRC Press.

The grade is based on examination. The performance will be graded using a scale of 0-5.

Kirjallisuuskuulustelun voi suorittaa myös suomen tai ruotsin kielellä.

Self study 133 h.

Marina Heinonen

Replaces the former course 871076 Literature Exam 5 cr.