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13.12.2019 at 09:00 - 30.1.2020 at 23:59


Here is the course’s teaching schedule. Check the description for possible other schedules.

Thu 16.1.2020
09:15 - 11:45
Thu 23.1.2020
09:15 - 11:45
Thu 30.1.2020
09:15 - 11:45
Thu 6.2.2020
09:15 - 11:45
Thu 13.2.2020
09:15 - 11:45
Thu 20.2.2020
09:15 - 11:45
Thu 27.2.2020
09:15 - 11:45


The course is compulsory in the Grain Science and Technology study module. The course is available for other students with bachelor level knowledge in food sciences.

Bachelor level knowledge in food sciences. As prerequisites, ETK-123, ETK-215 or corresponding are required. For those students, such as incoming international students, who have not taken these courses, a test will be arranged: please contact the responsible person.

Food Crop Quality and Cereal and Pulse Ingredient Functionality

After the course, the student will know and understand the technologies of flour milling and various breadmaking procedures. The student will be able to evaluate raw materials, ingredients, processes and products in terms of quality and feasibility for various products and applications. The student will know and understand the technologies of malting and brewing. The student will also know wet milling and various pulse or legume processes.

1st year Period III

Wheat flour milling. Rye and oat milling. Bakery processes and baking techniques including dough handling and dough rheology, fermentations, ingredients and their functions, baking and ovens, methods to combat staling and spoilage. Gluten-free baking.

Starch production/ wet milling. Legume processes, soya bean processing; soymilk/tofu production. Oral presentation and written report on a specific topic.

Material provided during the course. Wheat Flour Milling, Posner & Hibbs, 2005, AACC. Principles of Breadmaking, Sluimer, 2005, AACC. Pyler & Gorton 2009, Baking Science & Technology. Sosland. . Delcour & Hoseney 2010. Principles of Cereal Science and Technology, AACCI Press.

Examination (70%), presentation and reports (30%). The performance will be graded using a scale of 0-5.

Kurssin voi suorittaa myös suomen tai ruotsin kielellä.

Lecture series, contact teaching 35 h, self study 93 h, individual assignment 7 h.

Kati Katina

Replaces the former course 8720144 Cereal Processing 1 and 2 6 cr.