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23.10.2019 at 09:00 - 30.6.2020 at 23:55


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The course is compulsory in the Meat Science and Technology study module.

Meat Science and Meat Technology courses

The first part aims at giving a holistic approach of Meat Science & Technology study module and the
material contained therein. The second part aims at strengthening the scientific awareness and interest in the area.

Recommended at 2nd year with the first part at the start of the MSc thesis and the second part at the end

Study material covering meat structure, meat quality, animal handling and transport, slaughter, cutting, unit operations, meat microbiology and the preparation of meat products.

Study method is online examination in Examinarium. First enroll in WebOodi. Then make the time and place reservation in Examinarium: https://guide.student.helsinki.fi/en/article/taking-exams-examinarium-electronic-exam-rooms.

Price, J.F. & Schweigert, B.S. The Science of Meat and Meat Products. W.H. Freeman & Co., San Francisco 1987. One or two additional books to be arranged individually.

Literature examination. The performance will be graded using a scale of 0-5.

Contact teaching 2 h, self-study 132 h

Per Ertbjerg

Replaces the former course 8720134 Kirjallisuuskuulustelu 4 cr.