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14.4.2020 at 08:00 - 4.5.2020 at 23:59



FOR-211 Tree ecophysiology

After the course the student will

  • understand different approaches to forest productivity
  • understand the environmental drivers of productivity
  • be able to analyse forest production and the forest carbon cycle using forest and environmental data and models
  • understand the interactions between the carbon cycle, forest growth and climate change
  • understand methods of carbon accounting

Period III 1st year (Masters)

Concept of productivity in terms of GPP, NPP, stemwood volume and yield assortments. Dependence of productivity on the environment (climate, site), stand structure, age and species; interactions with carbon, nitrogen and water fluxes. Global variability of productivity and temporal variability of production. Models and prediction of productivity and carbon cycle, including soi carbon and carbon accounting. The approach of the course is to review theories and concepts related to different aspects of productivity and how they may be challenged under environmental change. The course is based on a mixture of lectures, practicals, independent work and discussions.

Exam, practicals to be returned as written reports, group work.

Lecture material, relevant scientific articles assigned in the course, practicals.

Scale 0-5, assessment based on exam (50%), practicals (40%), group assignments (10%).

Due to current COVID-19 situation general examinations in lecture halls are cancelled. You can contact the teacher to ask about alternative completion methods.

Prof. Annikki Mäkelä

Replaces the former course 830155 (MET220) Forest Production, Growth and Yield 5-6 cr.