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In the spring's 2020 exceptional situation the course is arranged as online-teaching.

5.5.2020 at 08:00 - 25.5.2020 at 23:59



The student will learn to:

  • understand how biosphere influences the composition of atmosphere and vice versa; including fluxes of trace gases from terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and their linkages to biosphere functions and climate change
  • understand the biological (plant-plant and plant-insect) interactions mediated by air
  • explore using recent literature the scientific evidence for feedbacks between biosphere and atmospheric composition
  • familiarize with sampling and analysing data on trace gas exchange between plants and atmosphere

Period 4, 2nd year of MSc or postgraduate studies.

The main topics in the course are:

  1. Biogenic trace gases, their chemical and physical properties and exchange rates
  2. Production of reactive (BVOCs, ozone etc) and non-reactive gases (CH4, COS etc) in different scales and ecosystems
  3. Biotic and abiotic factors influencing the exchange of trace gases
  4. Exchange models
  5. Feedback processes linking ecosystems and climate change

Lectures 30 h, Practical work 15 h (mandatory), literature review 10 h (mandatory), independent work 80 h

Exam (50%), literature work (25%) and practical work report (25%)

Lectures, article collection and practical work instructions in Moodle.

Grading scale 1-5, Exam (50%), literature work (25%) and practical work report (25%).

Due to current COVID-19 situation general examinations in lecture halls are cancelled. You can contact the teacher to ask about alternative completion methods.

Professor Jaana Bäck