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8.6.2020 at 08:00 - 31.8.2020 at 08:00


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MSc students.

Students must take ME-227 course before attending this course.

After completing the course students will learn to identify and explain the major agroforestry systems of the tropics and developing countries. They will also be able to describe the mechanisms of biophysical and socio-economic interactions in agroforestry systems.

III period in even-numbered years.

Ecological, technical, economic and social aspects of agroforestry systems and practices in the tropics and developing countries. Overview of participatory approaches in agroforestry, ecophysiological aspects of agroforestry, soil management in agroforestry, agricultural crop production and management in agroforestry, agroforestry and biodiversity, Agroforestry systems and carbon sequestration, modelling of agroforestry systems, policy for the development and promotion of Agroforestry, and linkages to major global environmental conventions (UNFCCC, UNCCD, UNCBD).

The course is composed of class lectures, and group work presentation and report. Students must participate in the group work presentation and report writing. Attendance is recorded, but it is not mandatory.

All lectures and reading materials are available on Moodle. Group work presentations and reports are uploaded on Moodle.

The final exam constitutes 60%, while the group work presentation and report constitutes 40% of the grade. The grading is done on a scale of 0-5.

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University lecturer Eshetu Yirdaw

Replaces the former course 83554 Agroforestry II 3 cr.