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Compulsory course

Geography programme is responsible for the course


The course is not available to students from other degree programmes

Student gets advanced knowledge about two major fields of physical geography .

The recommended time for completion is in 1.-2. year of M.Sc. Studies

The course is offered year round in Examinarum

Choose two books from the list (2,5 credits each):

  • Huggett, Richard (2007). Fundamentals of geomorphology, 2nd ed., Routledge. 2,5 cr
  • Arnell, Nigel (2002). Hydrology and global environmental change, Pearson. 2,5 cr
  • Oliver, John E. & John. J. Hidore (2010). Climatology, 3rd ed, Prentice Hall. 2,5 cr
  • Cox, C. Barry & Moore, Peter,D. (2016). Biogeography: an ecological and evolutionary approach, 9th ed., Blackwell. 2,5 cr
  • Kalff, Jacob (2001). Limnology, 2nd ed.,Prentice Hall. 2,5 cr
  • Storch, David, Pablo Marquet & James Brown (2007, eds.). Scaling biodiversity, Cambridge University Press. 2,5 cr

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