Name Cr Method of study Time Location Organiser
Advanced bedrock mapping 5 Cr Field Course 18.5.2020 - 30.5.2020
Advanced bedrock mapping 5 Cr Field Course 21.5.2018 - 1.6.2018

Target group

Master’s Programme in Geology and Geophysics is responsible for the course.

The course is optional and belongs to the Petrology course package (study track Petrology and Economic Geology)

The course is not available to students from other degree programmes.


B.Sc. in geosciences.

Completion of the course GEOM_P2021 Advanced igneous petrology is required before taking this course.

There are usually 5–6 slots available for students of the MSc Programme in Geology and Geophysics on the course. Criteria for qualification in case of more applicants is primarily the amount of credits gained in and secondarily the grades of advanced studies in the study register at the time of course registration.

Learning outcomes

* The student will deepen their petrographic observation and field work skills.
* The student will deepen their understanding of the processes and tools of modern bedrock mapping and learn to apply them to a real mapping project.
* The student will learn the structure, elements, contents, and writing procedures of a bedrock mapping report and learns to draft a bedrock map.
* The student will learn the practical usage of a bedrock mapping GIS-software and familiarizes themselves with the basics of working with bedrock observation databases.
* The student learns to manage, plan, and divide field work and duties in a small group and project environment.


The recommended time for completion is in the first or second year of MSc studies.

The course is organized during the intensive period after period IV every other year (2020, 2022). This course alternates annually with the course GEOM_P2022 Igneous petrology project.


The course is organized as a field course during which the students will take part in an active bedrock mapping project ran by the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK). The course is organized in collaboration with GTK and three other Finnish universities (Universities of Turku and Oulu and Åbo Akademi). GTK is responsible for most of the field logistics and provides most working materials. Field area of the course varies year by year. The student is expected to cover part of their accommodation and living costs during the course (typically ca. 250–300 €). The MSc programme covers transportation costs to the field area and back and during the course. Specifics of course contents and logistics are communicated individually for each organized course.

Activities and teaching methods in support of learning

The students are mostly working independently but are also instructed in small groups by several national experts in different aspects of bedrock mapping and teachers from four different universities and GTK.

Assessment practices and criteria

The course is graded on the scale: fail–pass.

Recommended optional studies

The student is expected to have some field work experience (e.g. the field courses included in the BSc degree from UH) before taking this course.

Completion methods

The course is organized as a two week intensive field course. 100% attendance on the field course and completion of all assigned tasks, including course reporting are required. The course includes a short briefing and a small pre-assignment before the field course.