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1.5.2019 at 00:01 - 16.6.2019 at 23:59



Master’s Programme in Geology and Geophysics is responsible for the course.

Optional course, Planetary geophysics course package.

The course is not available to students from other degree programmes.

Planetary geophysics

Student will get advanced knowledge of 1) formation of Solar System 2) mineralogy and chemistry of extraterrestrial materials, and 3) mechanisms driving evolution of primitive materials into differentiated Solar System bodies.

The recommended time for completion is in the first or second year of MSc studies.

The course is offered every other year in spring (next time in 2019, 2021...)

Course provides advanced knowledge of mineralogy and geochemistry of our Solar System, formation of planetary bodies and evolution of life.

Course will involve practical use of electron and optical microscopy in characterization of meteorites.

50% Excercises, 50% Exam

Old degree: if you are enrolling to a book exam or with a code that is used for several courses, please remember to add name of the book/course and the responsible teacher.

Exercises, final oral exam