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This course is aimed at students in the Master's Programme in International Business Law (IBL). Other law degree students and law exchange students are welcome to attend this course as well.

Students from other faculties must first apply for the right to take this course before they can register for this course.

IP law (company law).

As a student you gain and deepen your understanding of the legal frameworks in a digital environment; you can search for and use relevant sources in a specific context of your choice; you can better perceive connections between theory and practice.

IV teaching period

The course offers an overview on some core developments in the legal frameworks of a networked society. It touches upon EU laws and reforms in the field of intellectual property (copyright, trademark) and data protection while looking at developing technologies and the digital market especially from a business point of view. Data protection law (incl. the GDPR) will also be discussed with a view on transatlantic data flows and the differences between the EU and US systems.

Required reading (only selected chapters):

— Geiger, Christophe: Constructing European Intellectual Property: Achievements and New Perspectives (Edward Elgar 2013) (e-book via Helka);

— Gutwirth, Serge – Leenes, Ronald – de Hert, Paul: Reforming European Data Protection Law (Springer 2015) (e-book via Helka);

— Lane, Frederick S.: American privacy: the 400-year history of our most contested right (Beacon Press 2009) (e-book via Helka).

Additional reading:

— CJEU cases, US case law (United States v. Jones);

— European Union documents. (COMs etc.)

The course includes discussions, reading assignments and a literary composition/written work.

Both formative and summative assessment, also self and peer assessments, both active participation incl. self and peer assessment (50 %) and written work (50 %) will be assessed on the general scale in accordance with the Faculty’s guidelines.

The course has unfortunately been cancelled for AY 2019-20

Discursive and interactive lecture course. Attendance and active participation is required.