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This study unit aims to enable learners to develop an understanding of different forms of indigenous arts, its political aspects, as well as the role of art in learning processes.

This study unit introduces students to different indigenous art forms in historical and current contexts as well as their role in knowledge-production and communication.

Study material for an examination covering the content of this study unit:

Choose two from the following:

Fauderee, Paja 2013. Singing the Dead: The Politics of Indigenous Revival in Mexico. Durham: Duke.

Graham, Laura R. 2003 [1995]: Performing Dreams. Discourses of Immortality Among the Xavante of Central Brazil. Tucson: Fenestra Books.

Knopf, K. 2008: Decolonizing the Lens of Power. Indigenous Films in North America. New York: Rodopi.

Lundquist, Suzanne 2004: Native American Literatures: An Introduction. New York: Continuum.

Morphy, Howard 2007: Becoming Art: Exploring Cross-Cultural Categories. Oxford: Berg.

Seeger, Anthony 1987: Why Suyá Sing. A Musical Anthropology of an Amazonian People. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Wilson, P. & S. Michelle 2008: Global Indigenous Media: Cultures, Poetics, and Politics. Durham: Duke.

General scale 0–5

Salitiedot vain suomenkielen tasokokeelle klo 10-12.

Assessments in the course and exam.