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This course is an elective course in the Bacherlor's programme in chemistry. It is also part of the 25 cr Radiochemistry package in the Master's programme of chemistry and molecular sciences. The course is open for any students.

There are no prerequisites to attend the course.

The course offers basic knowedge on nuclear physics, on radioactive decay phenomenon, on the detection and measurement of radiation and on radiation safety.

This course is recommended to be taken at the later stages of the bachelor's studies. Those students who take the Radiochemistry package in their master studies should pass this course before entering other radiochemistry courses.

The course is organized every year in the autumn term on the I period.

The course dicusses on types of radioactive nuclides; types of radioactive decay; factors affecting stability of nuclides; rate of radioactive decay; interaction processes of radiation with matter; detection and measurement of gamma, beta and alpha emitting radionuclides with solid and liquid scintillation detectors, with gas ionization detectors and with semiconductor detectors; radiation imiging; statistical handling of radiation measurement data; nuclear reactions and production of radionuclides.

In the radiation safety part the course discusses on measures and units used in radiation protection, biological effects of radiation, radiation safety legistlation and guidelines, safety license for radionuclide laboratories and other users of radiation, estimation of radiation doses and dose limits, practices in safe handling of radioactive material and radiation, measurement of radiation doses as well as management and disposal of radioactive waste.

Jukka Lehto: Basics of Nuclear Physics and of Radiation Detection and Measurement - An open-access textbook for nuclear and radiochemistry students, saatavilla (available at) https://nucwik.wikispaces.com/Nuclear+and+Radiochemistry+Textbook+and+Compendia.

Michael Tillander, Kerttuli Helariutta ja Risto Koivula, Säteilysuojelu (Radiation safety, in Finnish).

The course is graded from 1 to 5 and the grade comes from the exams, of which the radiation safety exam forms one third of the total grade.

Mikäli ilmoittaudut radiokemian yleisten tenttipäivien kuulusteluun, kerro ilmoittaumisen lisätiedoissa oletko tulossa tenttimään "Yleinen radiokemia" vai "Säteilysuojelu" osuutta.

In the first period there are two-hour lectures three times a week. The course included two exams, one on radiation safety and the other on radioactive decay and on the detection and measurement of radiation. During the course calculation exercises are also done. Attendance on lectures is not required. The course can be passed by passing the exams.