Name Cr Method of study Time Location Organiser
Fonética, Fonologia e Pronúncia (kevät) 5 Cr Course 16.1.2020 - 30.4.2020
Fonética, Fonologia e Pronúncia 5 Cr Exam retake 1.2.2019 - 1.2.2019
Fonética, Fonologia e Pronúncia (kevät) 5 Cr Course 17.1.2019 - 17.4.2019
Fonética, Fonologia e Pronúncia 5 Cr Course 4.9.2018 - 12.12.2018
Phonetics, Phonology and Pronunciation 5 Cr Exam retake 2.2.2018 - 2.2.2018
Fonetiikka, fonologia ja ääntäminen 5 Cr Course 7.9.2017 - 14.12.2017

Target group

Compulsory part of the Basic Studies in Portuguese in the Bachelor's Programme in Languages. Not open for students who do not have the right to study the Basic Studies in Portuguese.

Learning outcomes

You will have acquired pronunciation and listening skills, particularly articulating the pronunciation of certain letters of the Portuguese language.

You will have learned the Phonetic alphabet and you’re able to distinguish sounds.

You'll know different ways of pronouncing the same letter according to the context.

You’ll have learned some basics of Phonology.


- During the first year of studies.

- Autumn.

- Periods I & II.


- You’ll study the basics of Phonetics and Phonology and exercise pronunciation.

- Listening and oral individual activities.

- Textreadings and sound exercises of words to practise the pronunciation of European Portuguese.

- Final exam.

Activities and teaching methods in support of learning

Active participation in classes.

Study materials

Ilmoitetaan opetuksen yhteydessä.

Suositeltava kirjallisuus:

Espada, Francisco (2017): Manual de Fonética. Lisboa: LIDEL.

Assessment practices and criteria

- Exam and oral participation.

- Grading scale 0-5.

Recommended optional studies

Other Basic studies of Portuguese.

Completion methods

- Contact teaching.

- Attendance is compulsory.