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- Bachelor’s Degree in Languages

- Portuguese, intermediate studies

- Mandatory for students of Portuguese

- Colloquial Portuguese is optional with Brazilian Portuguese.

Upon completion of Basic studies.

-Colloquial Portuguese: - you will have acquired colloquial language skills.

- you will be able to use language fluently.

- you'll have the capacity to watch and understand Portuguese speaking shows and sketches.

- your language skills as well as your knowledge of the culture has improved.

- Brazilian Portuguese: - you will have learned phonetical and lexical aspects of Brazilian Portuguese.

- you'll know about the history of the evolution of the language and the plurilingual context of the language.

- Language Practice: - your language skills as well as your knowledge of the culture and the society will improve.

Colloquial Portuguese/Brazilian Portuguese are recommended to be taken before Language Practice.

During Intermediate studies.

- Colloquial Portuguese: Autumn, Periods I and II

- Brazilian Portuguese: Spring, Periods III and IV

- Language Practice will be completed by staying in a Portuguese speaking country.

-Colloquial Portuguese: - Learning colloquial Portuguese, proverbs and expressions of Portugal - Different uses of the language in continental Portugal and islands (Azores and Madeira) - Listening to dialogs and watching videos - Final exam.

- Brazilian Portuguese: - Learning colloquial Brazilian Portuguese - Learning about indigenous languages of Brazil and african and european influence on Brazilian Portuguese - Final exam.

Ilmoitetaan opetuksen yhteydessä.

Active participation in all the activities of the course.

Colloquial Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese: Exam, exercises, oral presentation, oral participation.

Grading scale 0-5.

Language Practice: Written report of the stay in a Portuguese speaking country. Grading scale: pass/non-pass.

Credits will be given upon completion of Language Practice.

- Colloquial Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese: contact teaching (attendance compulsory) and independent work
- Language Practice consists of at least one month language course or two months stay in a Portuguese speaking country. Free stay can be completed in two parts. Studies, residence or employment report is drawn up according to the instructions given by the coordinator.