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14.8.2018 at 09:00 - 4.9.2018 at 23:59



- Bachelor’s Degree in Languages

- Portuguese, intermediate studies

- Mandatory for students of Portuguese

- Basic studies.

- you’ll learn history of Brazilian literature and its literary stiles

- you’ll know how to analise some important works and how to situate historically literary movements

- you'll develope your vocabulary

- you'll have more capacity of argumentation in Portuguese.

-upon completion of Basic studies.

-Spring, Periods III and IV.

-Oral and written activities based on all the literary genres until present century.

-Audiovisual contents.

- Final exam.

-ilmoitetaan opetuksen yhteydessä.

-Group/individual work

- Active participation during classes.

- continuous assessment

- Final exam

- Grading scale 0-5.

-Contact teaching (attendance compulsory)

- Independent work

Examiner: Patricia Ribeiro