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11.2.2020 at 09:00 - 12.3.2020 at 23:59


Here is the course’s teaching schedule. Check the description for possible other schedules.

Thu 12.3.2020
14:15 - 15:45
Thu 19.3.2020
14:15 - 15:45
Thu 26.3.2020
14:15 - 15:45
Thu 2.4.2020
14:15 - 15:45
Thu 16.4.2020
14:15 - 15:45
Thu 23.4.2020
14:15 - 15:45
Thu 7.5.2020
14:15 - 17:45
Thu 14.5.2020
14:15 - 17:45



Master’s Programme in Languages.

Advanced Studies in Spanish Philology (within the thematic group: Tools and Applications for the Study of Spanish).

Only for students of Spanish Philology.

Before taking this course, the student should have done courses in Bachelor degree dealing with different level of linguistic analysis.

Other courses that support the further development of the competence provided by this course are those offered in the same thematic group (Tools and Applications for the Study of Spanish) and some included in the thematic group “Spanish as a Second Language”.

After completing this course, students are able to:

-use different corpora of the Spanish language;

-understand, analyze and evaluate the differences between Spanish corpora;

-compare and reflect about different usages of corpora in research and teaching.

It is recommended at the same time or after nuclear subjects within Advanced Studies in Spanish Philology.

The course will not be offered every year.

The exact term and the duration of the course will be specified later.

The content of the course is structured in three main blocks of study and practice:

I.Description of the characteristics and types of some corpora of the Spanish language.

II.Use of Spanish corpora in research.

III.Use of Spanish corpora in teaching.

Recommended literature:

Cruz Piñol, M. (2012): Lingüística de corpus y enseñanza del español como 2/L. Madrid: Arco/Libros.

McEnery, T. & A. Hardie (2012). Corpus linguistics: Method, theory and practice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

McEnery, T. & A. Wilson (2001). Corpus linguistics: An introduction. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Parodi, G. (2010): Lingüística de corpus: De la teoría a la empiria. Madrid/Frankfurt: Iberoamericana/Vervuet.

Cantos Gómez, P. (2013): Statistical Methods in Language and Linguistic Research. Sheffield: Equinox.

-Conferences given by the teacher about the essential theoretical and practical aspects.

-Individual and group activities aimed at solving problems, writing reports, analyzing, evaluating materials, etc.

-Recommended readings.

-The teacher will inform at the beginning of the course how his/her activities will be documented.

Contact teaching modality:

- Class attendance and participation

- Execution of the activities asked during the course

- Individual work

General grading scale from 0 to 5.

The course is offered in the form of contact teaching, compulsory attendance is required and a final exam and/or a final work.