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The Master's Programme in Literary Studies is responsible for the course.

The course is an optional part of the following modules:

  • KIR-T300 Literary Studies, Advanced Studies, at least 90 cr
  • KIR-O300 Literary Studies, Advanced Studies, Subject Teacher Education, 60 cr
  • KIR-301 Literary Studies, Optional Advanced Studies, 60 cr
  • KIR-310 Theory and Methods of Literary Studies, Module, 15 cr

The course is also available to students of the Master's Programme in Art Studies as part of the module KIR-Y300 Comparative Literature, Advanced Studies, 60 cr.

The course is available to students from other degree programmes.

In addition to this course, students are recommended to complete the course KIR-343 History of Drama.

Upon completing the course, the students will be familiar with different theories and fields of study with regard to drama research.

The course will be offered in the form of an examination or possibly a lecture series. The course can be completed by taking a Faculty examination.

By reference to example works, the course focuses on the central theories, genre system and repertoires of drama studies. If so required, students may focus on a specific historical era and/or genre.

The required literature is specified separately for each lecture course.

For the Faculty emination:

J. L. Styan, Drama. A Guide to the Study of Plays [and a selection of plays]

For the examination, students will read approximately 20–30 dramatic works, oeuvres of authors, or a selection based on a period or genre.

Authors, for example: Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Plautus, Terence, Shakespeare, Molière, Racine, Kivi, Canth, Ibsen, Strindberg, Jotuni, Pirandello, Ionesco, Beckett, Pinter

Graded on a scale of 0–5.

Lecture series and a book examination. The course is completed by taking an examination, or if so agreed, by writing an essay.