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26.2.2018 at 12:00 - 21.3.2018 at 12:00


All students, except those in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

This course completely fulfils the foreign language requirement in the degree.

Starting level: High CEFR B2

If you are uncertain about your CEFR level (pdf), contact the teacher or the tutor before signing up.

This test allows students to demonstrate their ability to confidently and effectively use the academic and professional English of their field. Students taking the test should be able to

  • understand general and academic/professional spoken English
  • discuss/present in academic/professional English fluently and spontaneously
  • read and understand academic/professional English texts
  • write academic/professional English texts clearly and accurately
  • show how they take responsibility for their own learning, in order to promote life-long learning

These aims are aligned with the aims of the course(s) for which students are seeking exemption.

There are several opportunities to take the test throughout the year. See the English Exemption Test Moodle for more information on the specific deadlines for each faculty.


Visit the tests Moodle site: English Academic Professional Skills Exemption Test

Assess your skills using the CEFR descriptors.

Read the instructions (portfolio, reading task, interview) on the test's Moodle site: English Academic Professional Skills Exemption Test 99501

Register in WebOodi

Upload the completed portfolio to the tests Moodle site by 12 noon on one of the deadline dates.

Late applications will not be accepted.

The interview - in which you discuss your portfolio and a selected academic text - will be arranged shortly after this date if your portfolio meets the requirments of the test.

The deadlines for submission of the portfolio (academic text and study profile) are:




Wed 21 MAR 2018 (by 12 noon)


Students' own academic texts

Academic journal articles from students' fields


The portfolio will be assessed using the CEFR Writing Assessment Grid. If it fulfills the requirements of the B2 descriptors, you will be invited to the interview stage of the test. The interview will be assessed using the CEFR Oral Assessment Grid.

You will be granted exemption (4 credits) if your skills are deemed to be a high B2 level, taking account of your ability to confidently and effectively use the academic and professional English of their field.

Should you fail to receive the exemption, you may reapply or consider the course options.

See WebOodi for other courses supporting the further development of the competence provided by this course.

The exemption test has three parts:

PORTFOLIO: submit your academic text and study profile
READING TASK: read the reading task article for the interview
INTERVIEW: discuss the reading task article, your academic text and study profile

The test approximates real life situations for students, requiring them to write an academic text, read a text, and discuss these in an interview. This approach relates to the core curriculum idea of matching our teaching/testing to the future needs of our students. (See valtioneuvoston asetus yliopistojen tutkinnoista (794/2004). By passing the test you will receive the credits included in the foreign language requirements of your degree.

Satu von Boehm

This test replaces the test 99501 English Academic and Professional Skills Exemption Test offered prior to autumn 2017.