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This course is primarily aimed at students preparing to start working on their bachelor's or master's thesis. It is recommended to complete this course before joining your fields thesis seminar. On the other hand this course is also of use to anyone looking to improve their academic information seeking and management skills.

While this course is open for everyone, some resources used may only be available for UH students.

Please note that you can participate the course in a way that works for your schedule. We expect the elements of each section to take around 1-5 hours depending on your learning style and what you know beforehand. Therefore it has not been rated how much time is needed to pass this course as a whole.

This MOOC consists of reading materials, educational videos, and interactive exercises. We examine topics such as finding sources for your research, reference management, evaluating information, and avoiding plagiarism.

The course is created and maintained by the Helsinki University Library and licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

When all the compulsory assignments are completed, you can have an automated certificate (pdf) of your achievements. The certificate is not an official credit, but an indication of you having completed the compulsory assignments

Information Seeking and Management for Thesis Writers MOOC

You can participate in the MOOC in two ways:
1) as a guest (guests cannot complete the course, just browse)
2) log in the MOOC (either using the Haka user authentication system or by creating a new user account) and enrol on the course (Course Dashboard > Enrol me to this course as a student).