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2.3.2020 at 08:00 - 22.3.2020 at 23:59



Optional course.

Master's Programme in Mathematics and Statistics is responsible for the course.

Belongs to the Mathematics and Applied mathematics module.

The course is available to students from other degree programmes.

Topology I

Bachelor studies

The course gives a working knowledge in general topology, also called as point-set topology. Material is fundamental in a wide-range of further studies in mathematics, especially in analysis and geometry.

Recommended time/stage of studies for completion: 1. year

Term/teaching period when the course will be offered: varying

Fundamentals of general topology, including: topological spaces and bases, connectedness, compactness, separation and countability axioms, metrization and extension theorems.

Jussi Väisälä "Topologia II", James Munkres "Topology" (Part I)

Lectures and exercise classes

Exam and excercises, Course will be graded with grades 1-5

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Exam, other methods will be described later.