Name Cr Method of study Time Location Organiser
Mathematical modelling 10 Cr Lecture Course 2.9.2019 - 12.12.2019
Mathematical modelling 10 Cr Lecture Course 4.9.2017 - 12.12.2017

Target group

Optional course.

Master's Programme in Mathematics and Statistics is responsible for the course.

The course belongs to the Mathematics and Applied mathematics module.

The course is available to students from other degree programmes.


BSc courses on differential equations, linear algebra, probability theory

Learning outcomes

Constructing mathematical models of biological phenomena, with emphasis on the derivation of the models from the underlying processes on the level of individual behavior. Analysing the models using the qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations, multiple time-scales, and numerical methods.


Recommended time/stage of studies for completion: 1. year

Term/teaching period when the course will be offered: varying


This course focuses on how to construct and analyse mathematical models of population behavior, rigorously derived from the mechanics of the underlying processes on the level of the individuals, and the analysis of these models to obtain results relevant to the application field. Many examples are taken from ecology but provide methods that are transferable to other fields as well. Topics include mono- and bimolecular reactions, reaction networks, the principle of mass action, predator-prey models, competition models, diffusion and taxis, pattern formation, structured populations and developmental delays.

Activities and teaching methods in support of learning

Lectures and exercise classes

Assessment practices and criteria

Exam and excercises, Course will be graded with grades 1-5

Completion methods

Exam, other methods will be described later