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14.5.2018 at 08:00 - 3.6.2018 at 23:59



Optional course.

Master's Programme in Mathematics and Statistics is responsible for the course.

The course belongs to the Mathematics and Applied mathematics module.

The course is available to students from other degree programmes.

Bachelor studies

Overview of the History of Mathematics from ancient times to the 19th century. Features of early Mathematics in Finland.

Recommended time/stage of studies for completion: 1. or 2. year

Term/teaching period when the course will be offered: varying

Number systems, Greek mathematics, algorithms for computing divisions and square roots, problem solving before algebra, algebra cossa, trigonometry, analytical geometry, infinitesimal calculus, features of 18th century mathematics. Early mathematics in Finland.

Material provided by the lecturer. General: V. J. Katz: A History of Mathematics (available online).

Lectures, optional written essay on a topic of interest

Exam and written essay. Course will be graded with grades 1-5

Exam, other methods will be described later