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22.9.2018 at 08:00 - 12.10.2018 at 23:59




Derivatives and integrals of one variable, basic linear algebra

The student is able to master the basic concepts of the differential and integral calculus of several variables. After completing the course the student is able to apply the theory to solve simple extreme value problems, and is be able to compute simple surface areas and volumes.

- See the competence map ( https://flamma.helsinki.fi/content/res/pri/HY348496).

Second year

I period, and in English in III period, 2019.

The core content of the course is the differeantal calculus of several variables, and the determination of multiple dimensional integrals in Euclidean space. The terms used are applied, for example. to solve extreme value problem. During the course, the gradient, together with its geometric meaning, is introduced. Moreover, solving contrained extremal problems via Lagrange multipliers is discussed, and basics of integration in multi-dimensional space and on surfaces are introduced.

Lecture notes. In Finnish Vektorianalyysi (Limes ry) by Martio, Olli.

See the competence map (https://flamma.helsinki.fi/content/res/pri/HY348496)

Lectures and solving exercises is essential.

Final exam, points from exercises, and quizzes in the beginning of classes,

Weekly lectures and exercise class.