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15.1.2020 at 08:00 - 4.2.2020 at 23:59



Master's Programme in Materials Research is responsible for the course.

Module where the course belongs to:

  • MATR300 Advanced Studies in Materials Research
    Compulsory for:
    1. Study Track in Inorganic Materials Chemistry

The course is available to students from other degree programmes.

No prerequisites, but chemistry background helps.

The course is supplemented by many other materials chemistry and physics courses. These can be taken before or after this course.

You will learn how inorganic materials are synthesised and how the synthetic methods affect the materials properties.

Can be taken at any stages of studies.

Given every second year (even years) in the Period II.

  • Introduction
  • Solid state reactions.
  • Materials synthesis from gas phase.
  • Materials synthesis from solutions and melts.
  • Synthesis and modification of inorganic polymers.
  • Porous materials.
  • Nanostructured materials.

Lecture notes.

Supporting text: Synthesis of Inorganic Materials, Ulrich Schubert and Nicola Hüsing, 2nd Ed, Wiley-VCH.

Weekly lectures, self-reading. Total hours 135.

Final grade is based on exam.

Lectures, presentation and final exam.