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6.5.2020 at 09:00 - 15.6.2020 at 23:59


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BSc level, but open for others as well.

The objective of the course is to provide students with insights in forest policy and conservation arenas, policy instruments and actors. Students will be enabled to distinguish between forest policy instruments, and will have basic concepts at hand to characterize and analyse different actor groups aiming to influence or being affected by specific policies and measures. Applying these concepts in group work on a self-selected relevant policy arena will support the internalization of the different concepts

II period, second year

The course will start with a lecture on the history of forest policy and conservation, and the diverse instruments and measures applied over time. This is followed by insights in main characteristics of actors and actor groups, their interests, beliefs and resources to influence policy outcomes. The course continues by introduction of selected instruments applied in international forest policy. During the group work students will select a particular policy arena and analyse the effectiveness, efficiency and equity implications of relevant policy instruments and measures.


  • Introduction: brief history of forest policy and conservation
  • Forest policy and conservation instruments, incl. incentive-based instruments such as PES, REDD+, FLEGT, etc
  • Policy arenas and actor groups and coalitions
  • Actor analysis: motivation, beliefs, and access to resources (e.g. information)
  • Preparation and presentation of group work (role play): identification of policy arena and relevant actors
  • Final test during course time

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Preparatory reading materials provided for each lecture.

20/30/50 group work/group work presentation/final exam

Teaching in English.

Maria Brockhaus and Natalya Yakusheva

Replaces the former course 83060 (FOR255) Kansainvälinen metsäpolitiikka 5 cr.