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This course is optional and available for students from different options

Basic knowledge in chemistry and biochemistry

Courses in chemistry, biochemistry, genetics and biotechnology

The student understands the diversity of microbes, cell biology, evolution, physiology, growth and genetics. One aim is to learn to analyse the function of microbial cells as independent cell units and in interaction with organism communities. The student can evaluate the importance of microorganisms not forgetting the historical aspects of the influence of microbial knowledge of the evolution of societies

First year.

I-IV periods

Every year 10 exams are arranged

Microbial metabolism, genetics, evolution, diversity, ecology, and in addition immunology and diseases caused by microbes and microbes in industry and research

Madigan M.T., Martinko J.M., Bender K.S., Buckley, Stahl D.A. 2015: Brock Biology of Microorganisms, 14. p, Pearson Education Ltd.

Literature examination, evaluation according to scale 0-5.

The part of the book included in the examination are chosen based on the studentĀ“s earlier studies.

The course is a literature examination.

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