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BSc. Experience of laboratory work

Seminar in evolution of microbial pathogens MMB-401 or Seminar in Molecular Microbiology MMB-403,

Exploratory microbial research, lab course, MMB-114

Student is able to work in a research team. Student can write a research plan. Student can plan and carry out a project in a scientific, reliable fashion. Student can write a short report of the findings based on the results documented in the laboratory notebook. Student has practical and theoretical skills in risk assessment for the work (e.g. GMO, pathogens, chemicals).

1st or 2nd year of MSc

Corresponds to 8 weeks of full time work (266 hours).

Project plan (max 2 pages) at start of the project including short introduction of the topic and research question, at least 3 key references, main methods, time line, risk assessment, research and learning objectives, supervisors’ contact information, connection to other projects.

Project is carried out with an agreed supervisor.

A laboratory notebook must be kept. The laboratory notebook and all digital records must be submitted to the supervisor.

May include an oral presentation.

Report in the form of a scientific article. Recommended length is 5 pages

Relevant literature provided by the supervisors, e.g. manuals, protocols, articles, risk assessments.

Facilitated learning. Supervision, guidelines, and practical help. Feedback and evaluation session in the end of the project

Assessment consists of the project plan (10%), lab book (30%), performance in the laboratory (30%) and final report (30%), evaluated on a 0-5 scale, in agreement by the supervisors and responsible teacher.

Laboratory research

Sarah Butcher

Replaces the former course 528031 Bakteriologian syventävät harjoitustyöt I 12 cr OR
528032 Bakteriologian syventävät harjoitustyöt II 12 cr OR
528030 Laboratory Practices in Bacteriology 12 cr