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6.2.2020 at 16:00 - 31.7.2020 at 23:59


Students of Master’s Programme in Neuroscience

After the practical training period, the student

  • has acquired practical experience in a research group or company
  • has improved her/his ability to apply and assess her/his own knowledge and skills
  • has improved her/his ability for independent work and reporting of results
  • has enhanced her/his potential as a future jobseeker in a wider network within the field of study

Recommended to be completed during the first or second year, but before the Master’s thesis.

Before starting the practical training period, the student will write an internship plan with the supervisor of the training. After the period, the student will write a report that summarized the experience gained. The work itself must be full time and related to student’s field of studies. One month of full time work will give 5 cr. Working life period can be with or without salary (although the latter is not recommended), in a university or outside university. The student must agree beforehand with the responsible teacher, on the suitability of the job description for the practical training period.

Practical work in duties related to student’s field of studies. Writing a practical training plan and report according to given instructions at the Student Guide. 1 month of full-time work corresponding to 5 cr.

Grading pass / fail. This will be estimated according to the internship plan and report and the statement given by the employer

University lecturer Mikael Segerstråle

Replaces the former course 920027 Practical Training 6-10 cr.