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4.3.2020 at 08:00 - 23.3.2020 at 23:59


Fri 3.4.2020
12:00 - 16:00


  1. Students of Master’s Programmes in Neuroscience and Translational Medicine, and Doctoral Programme Brain & Mind.
  2. Other MSc students and doctoral candidates interested in mechanisms underlying nervous system diseases

A prerequisite for successful completion of the course is that the student comprehends the basic concepts in genetics, molecular biology and neurobiology.

After completion of the course the student:

- is familiar with clinical manifestations of selected nervous system diseases

- is familiar on the current understanding on the molecular basis and the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms of selected nervous system disorders

- has gained understanding into the research paradigms of nervous system disorders

- has gained understanding into the treatment paradigms of selected nervous system disorders

Period III

The lectures of the course include neurodegenerative, ischemic, neuroimmunological, neuropsychiatric and neuromuscular diseases. The lectures are given by both basic researchers and clinicians.

Lectures, 26 hours (1 Cr); to earn the credits one has to attend 80% of the lectures.

Independent reading of literature, 110 hours and passing of the final exam (4 credits).

Lecture material and specific scientific review articles indicated by the lecturers (1-2 articles / lecture).

Final examination based on lectures and review articles indicated by the lecturers. Grading scale of the exam 0-5. Criteria for evaluation will be available in the Moodle.

Henna Tyynismaa, Emil Ylikallio

Replaces the former course 920007 Basic mechanisms of nervous system disorders 1.5-5 cr.