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The aim of book exams is to deepen the student's theoretical knowledge within his/her field of doctoral thesis work and to provide basic knowledge in other fields of neuroscience.

Recommended to be passed during the early stages of doctoral studies.

The primarily recommended book is Kandel's Principles of Neural Science (latest edition). For a 5 credit examination, selected parts/chapters (consisting of about half of the book) will be agreed with the supervisor and the examining teacher.

If the student has already passed a book exam on Kandel's Principles of Neural Science or Purves et al: Neuroscience, another book will be selected as agreed with the supervisor, coordinator and the examining teacher.

Exam book(s) may also be supplemented with review articles.

Grading scale 0 – 5

Recommended selection of Kandel chapters for a 5 cr exam (total 770 pages):

PART I Overall Perspective (pages 5-65) = 60

PART II Cell and Molecular Biology of the Neuron (pages 71-171) = 100

PART III Synaptic Transmission (pages 177-330) = 153

PART IV The Neural Basis of Cognition (pages 338-442) = 104

PART V Perception: Chapters 21-29 (pages 449-653) = 204

PART VI Movement: Chapters 33-38, 44 (pages 743-892) = 149

For a book exam on the above-mentioned chapters of Kandel, the UH students can register in WebOodi using the code NEUBM-010 (or NEUBM-011). For other book exams, always contact katri.wegelius@helsinki.fi first, before registering in WebOodi.

The exams are organized during the Viikki Campus general examinations (or during a separately agreed time).

Examples of other possible books for the B&M book exam:

Neuropharmacology/Addiction (Examiner: Petri Hyytiä / Anni-Maija Linden / Esa Korpi)

  1. Drugs, Addiction, and the Brain, Koob, Arens, Le Moal, 2014
  2. Neurobiology of Addiction, Koob, Le Moal, 2006

Sleep (Examiner: Tarja Stenberg)

Sleep, neuronal plasticity and brain function, Meerlo, Benca, Abel, 2015

Psychiatric diseases(Examiner: Iiris Hovatta)

Charney & Nestler's Neurobiology of Mental Illness, Charney, Nestler, Sklar, Buxbaum, 5thed., 2018

Cognitive neuroscience (Examiner: Kimmo Alho)

The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Neuroscience. Volume 1: Core topics AND Volume 2: The cutting edges, Ochsner, Kosslyn, 2013




1) Ion Channels of Excitable Membranes, Hille B, 3rd edition 2001 (Examiner: Juha Voipio)


2) Cellular Physiology and Neurophysiology, Blaustein, Kao and Matteson (Examiner: Kai Kaila)

3) Medical Physiology, Boron WF, Boulpaep EL, 3rdedition 2019 (Examiner: Voipio/Kaila)

Networks of the brain (Examiner: Enrico Glerean)

1) Fundamentals of brain network analysis, Fornito et al., 2016

2) Networks of the brain, Sporns, 2010

As agreed between the student and the responsible teacher

Professor Kai Kaila (contact person katri.wegelius@helsinki.fi)