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Here is the course’s teaching schedule. Check the description for possible other schedules.

Thu 21.9.2017
09:15 - 16:45
Fri 22.9.2017
09:15 - 16:45


The B&M Symposium creates a forum for researchers from different fields of neuroscience to meet, present their data and advance scientific discussion between doctoral candidates and senior researchers. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge from the symposium topics. In addition, they will learn presentation skills and have a possibility for networking with other researchers within the field.

Annual participation in the B&M symposia is recommended for B&M doctoral candidates. Participation in one B&M symposium with poster/oral presentation is obligatory.

Annually, usually during period 1.

More information and registration at the symposium website:


Possible optional selected literature will be provided by the organisers for the symposium participants.

Scale is pass/fail

Symposium lectures by international experts and alumni. Workshops and/or panel discussion on varying topics. Poster or snapshot session(s) with presentations by doctoral candidates.

Participation (minimum of 80%) in the symposium sessions: 0,5-1 credits. Poster/oral presentation: 1 cr.

The annual B&M symposium is organised by the (annually selected) B&M Student Council. For participation in the organization of the annual symposium as part of the Student Council, doctoral candidates can get credit points for transferable skills (Student council and doctoral programme/school activities)

Katri Wegelius