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This course is open to all students from the Finnish Masters of Laws programmes, the Bachelors of Laws degree, all students pursuing doctoral studies and those on the MICL or IBL programme, as well as to exchange students.

As a team member you will have a unique opportunity to get insight in how European law affects practical situations; sometimes in ways that may surprise you. You will also learn first-hand what it takes to write a pleading to a court and present your opinions before judges and representatives of the opposing party. And not least, you will meet amazing friends from around the world and learn what it is to work on a long term project as a member in an international team. Future employers will appreciate the skills and experience you gain from participating, and you will get the opportunity to become a part of and network with the large community of European law professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world.

The course is graded on the scale of Pass-Fail. Extensive and persistent participation in the team work throughout the competition. Before applying to a moot court competition exchange students should always check with their home University that grade "Pass" is accepted when transferring credits completed at the UH to the degree to be completed at their home University.

The coaches of the previous years Veera Sundberg (veera.sundberg@lindforsco.com) Sebastian Wiik and Iiris Rantanen (Iiris.h.rantanen@helsinki.fi) are happy to answer to any questions regarding the competition.

The competition

The European Law Moot Court Competition is the world's biggest and most renowned moot court competition in the sphere of European law. Each year close to 100 teams, consisting of maximum 4 members, from around the world participate in the competition. The competition takes place in three phases. In September, the case is published and the teams prepare written pleadings for both an applicant and a defendant. The written pleadings are submitted by the end of November. Based on the written pleadings, 48 teams qualify to participate in the four Regional Finals organized around Europe and the US. In the Regional Finals, the teams defend their argumentation before a regional final Court, pleading for both the applicant and the defendant and as either an Advocate General or as a Commission Representative. The Regional Finals are typically held in January/February. The winner of each Regional Final proceeds to the All-European Final organized in Luxemburg in March/April. In the All-European Final the qualified teams plead before the European Court of Justice. The team is supported by the ELMC Helsinki Association, Attorneys-at-Law Krogerus, as well as by a group of coaches assembled from prior participants and members of the faculty. The team receives detailed and personal feedback both in the written and oral phase from the aforementioned parties as well as from hired professionals. All costs arising from participating in the competition are covered for each team member and at least one coach.

What we are looking for in a team member

The Helsinki team is chosen each year immediately after the case has been published in September. All students, both exchange students and Finnish students, as well as students in the international master's degree programs are encouraged to apply for the team. The team has four senior and one junior team member positions available. The junior team member will not be required to present oral arguments but will assist the team in the written phase of the competition.