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Atmospheric sciences focus on phenomena including climate change and extreme weather events. Studies in atmospheric sciences help you understand these important phenomena and provide you with the knowledge necessary to participate in related public discussion. The Master’s Programme in Atmospheric

Sciences is also the only degree programme educating meteorologists in Finland.

Studies in Open University in English

In english you can study these courses:

  • Climate change now 2-5 op
  • Leadership for sustainable change 5 op
  • 5 op

Leadership for sustainable change, 5 cr

Climate change now, 2-5 cr

Student can

  • look at climate change from many different perspectives and create connections between them as well as look for solutions to the climate challenge in a variety of ways.
  • reflect on his or her own role in climate change and apply what has been learned on the course to his or her field of study.
  • examine different perspectives, solutions, information sources and the current debate on climate change critically.

No prerequisites required., 5 cr

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