Eero, Marked Skin. Kuva: Jouko Lehtola 1999.

Culture is an intrinsic part of being human. We shape culture, and culture shapes us as individuals and communities, in our daily lives and rituals, in the past, present and future. Cultural diversity, intersections of the local and the global, and our rapidly changing world give rise to new questions about cultural phenomena, meanings and effects. By studying cultural heritage, you will learn to understand culture and its many dimensions.

Studies in Open University in English

Cultural Heritage studies: Students are usually expected to have previously completed university studies and/or have the ability to review required skills independently.

Study of Cultural Heritage

What kind of factors influence the creation, identification and nurturing of cultural heritage? And what are the national and international laws, treaties and institutions as well as institutional procedures that regulate cultural heritage?


Cultural heritage studies provide tools for establishing theories and conducting research on cultural heritage as a historical, social and cultural phenomenon that evokes strong emotions and that is subject to financial and political interests. In addition to gaining an overview, you can during your studies familiarise yourself with specific themes in cultural heritage studies and professional life.


AYKUMA-KP501 Monuments, discourses, emotions 5 cr, autumn 2019

AYKUMA-KP502 Processes and communities of cultural heritage, autumn 2019

AYKUMA-KP505 Computing and Society 5 cr, spring 2020

Museology, or museum studies, explores museums and the practices and interpretation of the work carried out in museums. It also encompasses museum education, ethics and project management as well as theories of the museum institution and museum activities. The studies acquaint you with the work of museum professionals and academic research on the museum sector from various perspectives. You will learn to apply museological theories to museum activities and understand the role of museums in society.  Studies in museology are part of cultural heritage studies.

Museum Collections, 5 cr

Students will be introduced to key issues pertaining to museums and collecting, internationally and within the Finnish context. They will develop and appraise, based on theoretical and applied perspectives, strategic solutions to the challenges facing contemporary museum collecting policies and practices. They will develop their planning and research skills, and gain experience of writing in different formats for different purposes.


Museum Work, 10 cr

Students will gain practical experience of applied museum project work. They will develop and test their team-working, time management and problem-solving skills within the context of professional museum work. This course is arranged in co-operation with museums and requires a commitment to the hands-on projects outside the weekly lectures.

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