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Islamic theology, thematic study module 15 cr

Studies in Islamic theology explore the subject through different approaches, analyzing the manifestations and interpretations of Islam from different perspectives in different eras of history and in different social contexts. In addition, one learns to interpret current historical and social issues related to Islam.

The studies are in English.

Islamic Ethics and Contemporary Muslims, 5 cr

After completing the course, the student

  • outlines issues of Islamic ethics and the debates that have taken place based on them
  • understand and be able to analyze the diversity of ethical discourses among different thinkers and scholars and ordinary Muslims
  • recognizes and is able to critically examine the debates of ethics, science and religion in the Islamic context

Migration, Muslims and Islam, 5 cr

Social Movements and Gender Activism, 5 cr

After completing the course, the student

  • understand and be able to distinguish movements and debates for social action and gender equality in the Islamic context
  • is familiar with the forms and phenomena of Islamic social activity in different geographical contexts and understands their differences
  • has developed his / her interaction skills and academic communication skills in group work, essay or other course assignment
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