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Studies in university pedagogy are part of the Degree Program in Educational Sciences. The thesis focuses on pedagogical activities in the university world such as learning, studying, teaching, guidance, assessment and pedagogical management. University Pedagogy is a multidisciplinary field of research combining aspects of education, psychology, social psychology, philosophy and sociology.

Studies in Open University

At the Open University, you can complete UP1. Learning in Higher Education (5 ECTS) and UP2.1 Constructive Alignment in Course Design (5 ECTS).

Basic studies in university pedagogy

UP1 Learning in Higher Education, 5 cr

After completing the course, the participants will

  • Have basic knowledge of learning-related phenomena and processes, and understand what kinds of learning processes are involved in higher education
  • Have basic knowledge about development as a biologically, psychologically and culturally evolving process from the point of view of university-level teaching and learning
  • Have basic knowledge about the relationship between interaction, learning and behaviour

The course participants will

  • Know how to act in a target-driven and constructive manner in interactive situations and understand how the teacher can support students in active learning
  • Be able to reflect on and further develop their own teaching and learning as teachers with the help of knowledge in the psychology of learning
  • Know how to apply educational technology in their teaching

UP2.1 Constructive Alignment in Course Design, 5 cr

After completing the course, the participants will

  • Understand the significance of didactics as an area of educational science, a field researching and developing discipline-specific teaching, studying and learning in higher education and as a theoretical basis for teachers’ professional knowledge and skills
  • Understand the teaching–studying–learning process and the principle of constructive alignment in the design, implementation and evaluation of teaching
  • Understand the idea of a curriculum, be familiar with the value basis for the policies set for the degree programme curricula at the University and have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary for participating in the drafting of degree programme and course curricula
  • Know how to apply the principles of constructive alignment in teaching in their own field/discipline and be able to draft a course curriculum
  • Be able to select appropriate teaching and evaluation methods and take advantage of educational technology in a pedagogically justified manner in their teaching
  • Be aware of their own pedagogical thinking, understand the ethics of teaching and be able to provide feedback on teaching and course curricula

Recommended for study immediately after completing the course Learning in Higher Education (5 cr) as the course forms the basis for later pedagogical studies of the teacher.

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