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16.12.2019 at 10:30 - 31.1.2020 at 23:59


Master’s Programme in Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences is responsible for the course.

Module where the course belongs to:

  • PAP300 Advanced Studies in Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences
    Optional for:
    1. Study Track in Astrophysical Sciences

The course is available to students from other degree programmes.

Fundamental and Basic Observational Astronomy courses.

Unix operational system.

Course is aiming to enhance the knowledge of instrumentation, data reduction and available data of European Southern Observatory (ESO).

Recommended time/stage of studies for completion: basic and fundamental observational astronomy courses shall be completed.

The course will be offered in the spring term, in III and IV periods.

One day long block lectures scheduled between University of Helsinki and the Turku University.

Students will learn how to use and use the ESO data reduction software.

Grading scale 1-5.

Report on the data reduction performed during the course