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13.5.2020 at 08:00 - 31.5.2020 at 23:59



Students in Master’s Programme in Plant Biology

The aim of the literature examination is

  • to give the student basic knowledge of her/his study area within plan biology
  • to support the student’s personal study plan
  • to support the forthcoming master’s thesis

Period III or IV, first year of MSc studies

The literature is selected so that it supports the study plan and also the forthcoming master’s thesis. It should deal with a research area that is represented in the Plant Biology Programme.

The examiner will be one of the professors or lecturers within the programme, according to the subject area. The written examination can be taken at a general examination date of Plant Biology. The answers can be written in English or in the student’s native language (if Finnish or Swedish).

The literature can be selected from a list of numerous books and/or articles.

Grading scale 0–5

Due to current COVID-19 situation general examinations in lecture halls are cancelled. You can contact the teacher to ask about alternative completion methods.

University lecturer Johannes Enroth (general questions); otherwise another teacher according to the area of the literature.

Replaces the courses 52684 OR 52563 and 52564 OR 52636 OR 81043 (JAL502), OR 882577 (BIOT560).