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1.12.2019 at 09:00 - 31.12.2019 at 23:59


Here is the course’s teaching schedule. Check the description for possible other schedules.

Tue 3.3.2020
12:00 - 17:00


The course is compulsory for all students completing pedagogical studies for teachers (60 cr).

Students have to fulfil the subject competency requirements for Advance Practice at the time of applying to the Subject Teacher Education Programme. Before Advanced Practice, students must have completed the courses of Planning, Implementation and Assessment of Teaching, and Basic Practice, and they must have participated in the course Curriculum and the Development of Educational Institution. Insufficient studies prevent the starting of practice.

The course consists of two components:

1. Guided Advanced Practice 9 cr

2. Reflection 1 cr

1) Learning outcomes for Guided Advanced Practice

Students will be able to

  • plan, implement and assess teaching independently, and consider the needs and objectives of diverse learners and groups of learners as well as the nature of the curriculum and the subjects taught
  • utilise ICT to support learning and as part of multifaceted learning environments
  • consider multidisciplinary learning modules in the planning and implementation of teaching
  • analyse and assess the results of their teaching and, on this basis, construct their teacherhood and pedagogical solutions
  • view teachers as a part of a multiprofessional work community and as partners for various associates
  • take into account the maintenance and development of research-based knowledge and professional skills in their teaching
  • act in a professional and ethical manner in accordance with legislation on the teaching sector in a multicultural and pluralistic environment
  • understand the development of the school and of teaching as part of their teacherhood as a subject teacher

2) Learning outcomes for reflection

Students will understand

  • The significance of reflection in teachers’ work and in the integration of theory and practice

This course is completed during the one year of STEP studies. The course is organized in the spring semester in Period 4.

The course consists of two components:

1. Guided Advanced Practice 9 cr

2. Reflection 1 cr

Recommended supplemental literature

1) Guided Advanced Practice

2) Reflection

Articles or other literature as agreed with the lecturer, max. 50 pages.

Guided practice:
English or Finnish


The Guided Advanced Practice is assessed on a scale of pass/to be supplemented/fail.

The assessment focuses on the knowledge and skills set as learning outcomes. The assessment also draws attention to the student’s commitment and active participation. The instructions drawn up by the Department of Teacher Education apply to cases where the student receives the grade of fail or to be supplemented.

The reflection component is assessed on a pass/fail basis. The assessment is based on the assignments as well as the student’s ability to consider and examine his or her activities and growth as a teacher.

The Advanced Practice period as a whole is assessed on a pass/fail basis.

The Guided Advanced Practice consists of the planning, implementation and assessment of practice lessons; group guidance sessions; lesson observations; and a component related to the school as a community. The guided teaching practice is completed in a field school that belongs to the University of Helsinki’s field school network.

The reflection component focuses on professional growth as a teacher and involves reflection on one’s teaching, both independently and in a group.