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Master students in Pharmacy.

Opintojakson suorittamista tukee lääkemuotojen perusteiden hyvä hallinta.

By the end of this study course, the student:
o is able to explain how different pharmaceutical development solutions can impact/improve the effect, safety, usability, bioavailability and effectiveness of a medicinal product
o manages characteristics and benefits of different formulations as a part of pharmaceutical development
o is able to describe and justify the use of different excipients in the pharmaceutical development
o is acquainted with the most common manufacturing processes of medicinal products used in pharmaceutical development
o is able to describe the scale up process from development to the manufacturing from the pharmaceutical development point of view
o manages mechanisms of targeting the effect of medicinal products
o is able to explain the designing of medicinal product package as a part of pharmaceutical development project
o is able to describe different future alternatives to assist pharmaceutical development
o manages the process and general vocabulary in the field of pharmaceutical development

Lectured every 3rd year in Period 1.

The study course consists of pharmaceutical development processes and effects of different solutions taken. Through different examples and exercises students gain competence to for example different formulations and excipients as a tool for pharmaceutical development and targeting the effect of a medicinal product. In addition, studies include overview for the future alternatives in the field of pharmaceutical development. Part 1 Oral dosage forms, Part 2 Other dosage forms.

Study material is all material informed during the study course.

Grading is done using scale 0-5.

Study module comprises Moodle learning environment.

Course is lectured in English. Exams can be taken in English, Finnish or Swedish.

Accomplishment of the study course requires approved completion of final examination.