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7.8.2019 at 10:00 - 28.10.2019 at 23:59


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Optional for Bachelor students in Psychology

Course belongs to the Optional Studies in Psychology

Introduction to developmental psychology, or equivalent knowledge

Opintojakson suoritettuaan opiskelija

  • ymmärtää syvällisesti jonkin valitsemansa ikäkauden (vauvaikä/varhaislapsuus, nuoruus tai vanhuus) kehitykselliset tavoitteet ja haasteet
  • osaa integroida valitsemansa kehitysvaiheen ilmiöt yli koko elämänkaaren

Second or third year of the Bachelor Programme

The student chooses one of three developmental phases. For all phases, there is a collection of set books. One book about the whole life span is oligatory for all. All options include both theory and clinical applications.

  • Infancy and early childhood: The psychological phenomena connected with the earliest stages of development and their impact on later life course.
  • Adolescence: The psychology of adolescence and how it is connected with the psychological development of the whole life course.
  • Late adulthood: The later phases of the life course and psychological phenomena therein; how the earlier devolmental history is visible in old age.

In all options: Howe, D. (2011) Attachment across the lifecourse. A brief introduction.

Infancy and early childhood:

  • Zeanah, C. (2009) Handbook of infant mental health, 3. painos
  • Juffer, R. F., Bakermans-Kranenburg, M. J., and Ijzendoorn (2008) Promoting positive parenting: An attachment-based Intervention
  • Brandt, K. (2013) Infant and early childhood mental health: core concepts and clinical practice (Chs. 3, 8-12, 15,16, 18)
  • Luby, J. (2009) Handbook of preschool mental health: development, disorders, and treatment


  • Gullotta, T. P., Robert W. Plant, R. W. & Evans (toim.) (2015) Handbook of adolescent behavioral problems: Evidence-based approaches to prevention and treatment, 2. painos
  • Rubin K.H., Bukowski, W. M. & Laursen, B. (2009) Handbook of peer interactions, relationships, and groups, Parts IV-VII
  • Adams, G.A., Berzonsky, M.D. (toim) (2008) Blackwell handbook of adolescence. Part I & Part III

Old age:

  • Krauss Whitbourne, S. & Sliwinski, J. M. (toim.) (2012) The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of adulthood and aging
  • Leist, A. K., Kulmala, ‎J. & Nyqvist, F. (2014) Health and cognition in old age: from biomedical and life course factors to policy and practice
  • Morley D. Glicken, M. D. (2009) Evidence-based counseling and psychotherapy for an aging population

The students study independently the themes of the course by means of the abobe study materials.

The written exam is graded on teh scale 0-5.

Literature exam