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Conduct of the course

Kurssi järjestetään yhteistyössä Maanpuolustukorkeakoulun kanssa. Kurssille on erillinen opiskelijavalinta, jonka tulokset ilmoitetaan 2.9.2019. Suorituksen hyväksyminen osaksi Asiantuntijataidot-jaksoa edellyttää osallistumisen varsinaiseen simulaatioon sekä työskentelyä sitä ennen ja sen jälkeen.


After completing the course, students will be able to

- Identify the expertise gained through the degree in its entirety and express it verbally
- Look for information on various study and career options, as well as evaluate them in relation to personal future goals and self-knowledge
- Look for work and be active in the intersections of education and working life
- Perceive their personal working habits in the key areas of professional expertise, such as self-regulation, self-management, flexibility, the ability to adapt to changing situations, the ability to withstand pressure and decision-making habits
- Work in various constructive ways in a group, observe the group’s activities, as well as personal activities in the context of groupwork, and guide the work of another group member in a constructive and responsible manner
- Communicate orally and in writing to audiences inside and outside the discipline by utilising a variety of communication methods
- Identify the significance of expert skills as tools for promoting an equal society and engagement

The course will be gradually completed during the second and third years of studies, culminating in the Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar.

The course guides students to identify the expert competence provided by the degree in its entirety, as well as the significance of discipline-specific know-how to society, working life and personal employment opportunities. The course will be completed as a combination of contact teaching, independent study, as well as observation and reflection assignments related to other courses. The course begins with contact teaching organised by Career Services during the first term of the second year of studies, followed by independent study guided by a digital learning portfolio, culminating in the Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar. The self-study material enclosed with the digital learning portfolio helps students with observing and implementing skills central to expert positions in their personal activities in connection with other courses. Expert skills include working in a group, managing a group as well as working and influencing through presentations, discussion and leadership. These are also ways to promote an equal society and engagement. Students themselves choose three courses against which they will observe their developing expertise: one theoretically oriented course, one methodology course and the Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar. The coordinating teacher will register the Expert Skills course as completed after the Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar based on the learning portfolio completed by the student. According to annually varying practice, attending a group meeting may be required when submitting the learning portfolio.

Self-assessment and assessment by the coordinating teacher, as well as possible peer assessment. The course will be graded on a scale of pass/fail.

Järjestetään yhdessä Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulun kanssa. Max 10 opiskelijaa. Erillinen hakumenettely.

A combination of contact teaching, online teaching and a written assignment