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Basic studies in politics, media and communication, compulsory intermediate studies, studies in the methodology and research methods of social sciences, and no less than ten credits worth of study track–specific studies.

After completing the seminar, students will be proficient in the basic stages of the scientific research process and the principles of academic writing. They will be able to draw up a thesis plan, utilise scientific research methods and report on their completed research. Students will also gain basic proficiency in scientific argumentation and its use in the critical evaluation of scientific research, seminar presentations and academic discourse.

Third year of studies. The duration of the seminar is two teaching periods. Seminars will be organised for each study track both in the autumn and spring.

The seminar introduces students to the main stages of the research process: developing a research idea, formulating a research question, choosing a theoretical framework and, in empirical research, the main options for collecting, processing and analysing research data, as well as the conventions of writing a research report. The seminar draws on prior studies in research methodology and provides practical training in the conduct of research. During the seminar, students will draw up a thesis plan, carry out a small-scale research project and report on it in the form of a seminar presentation, present their research findings, serve as opponents to other seminar participants, and engage in academic discourse on the presentations. The seminar presentation should resemble as closely as possible the planned bachelor’s thesis, which facilitates the processing of the presentation into a thesis and its submission for examination during the following teaching period.

Reference material that supports learning the research process will be determined in the course description of each seminar in the annual teaching programme or at the beginning of the seminar.

Graded on a scale of 0 to 5 (0=fail, 1=pass, 2=satisfactory, 3=good, 4=very good, 5=excellent)

Language of instruction: Finnish/Swedish

The Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar will be annually organised in each study track of the Bachelor’s Programme in Politics, Media and Communication. The annual teaching programme will indicate how many seminars each study track is organising, as well as the manner of their implementation. The seminars are available only to students of the Bachelor’s Programme in Politics, Media and Communication. Students can only register for the Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar of their own study track. The seminar includes a section on native language proficiency with the scope of one credit, in addition to which the Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey will be completed during the seminar.