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HUOM! Examinarium-tenttissä poikkeava suoritustapa 16.3-31.5 2020. Ota yhteys opettajaan markku.harrinvirta@helsinki.fi

12.12.2019 at 09:00 - 31.7.2020 at 15:00


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Conduct of the course

Ota tentin suorittamisesta yhteys opettajaan: markku.harrinvirta@helsinki.fi


Muiden koulutusohjelmien opiskelijoille.

After completing the course, students will be able to interpret the significance of institutions from the perspective of politics, governance and economic continuity, as well as related changes. Students will learn the central trends and concepts of governance and new institutionalism. Based on the theoretical and methodological knowledge gained during the course, students will be able to independently explain and analyse special institutional questions in various contexts.

Third period of the second year of studies

The course content is based on theoretical discourse in research focused on governance and new institutionalism. In addition to central concepts of the research tradition, its topical applications to understanding the continuity of and changes in governance will be examined.

- Bell, Stephen and Hindmoor, Andrew (2009) Rethinking Governance: The Centrality of the State in Modern Society. 1st edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

- Lowndes and Roberts (2013) Why Institutions Matter: The New Institutionalism in Political Science

- Scott, W. Richard (2013) Institutions and Organizations: Ideas, Interests, and Identities. 4th edition. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications

Graded on a scale of 0 to 5 (0=fail, 1=pass, 2=satisfactory, 3=good, 4=very good, 5=excellent)

The Faculty's Examinarium exams are replaced from 16 March with alternative arrangements until 31 May 2020 until further notice. Register for Examinarium in WebOodi and contact the teacher / check the course page for further instructions. (NOTE: do not register in Examinarium or reserve the room for the exam.)

The course is one of the optional intermediate courses under the Study Track in Politics and Organisations. NB! The course is compulsory for major subject students in the study line for administration and organisations who began their studies on 1 August 2016 or earlier.

Students of the Bachelor’s Programme in Politics, Media and Communication: annually organised contact teaching course, including required literature. The required literature will be completed during the course as specified by the teacher. The completion methods will be specified in the teaching programme. If students of other degree programmes can be accommodated in the course, they must complete the same requirements as students of the Bachelor’s Programme in Politics, Media and Communication. If they cannot be accommodated in the course, they can complete an online book examination in the Examinarium facility. The book examination covers all the required literature and substitutes for the entire course.