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Compulsory for students in Russian Studies Master´s programme. The course is available only for the students of Russian Studies Master´s programme.

Orientation to Russian Studies, Methods and Theories; Module Global Processes in Russia.

Optional studies (theoretical, discipline based) can be defined on the basis of the topic and students personal study plan.

Student is able to apply theories in the analysis of substantial issues and to develop his/her theme on the basis of theoretical and substantial knowledge. Student is able to assess, compare and evaluate different theoretical and empirical approaches in Russian studies. Student is able to write analytical and critical presentations that support the thesis. Student is able to present his/her writings for the audience and defend his/her analysis theoretically and empirically.

First year/period III, IV and throughout the second year.

In the seminar student draws up a thesis plan. The plan will be discussed and approved in the thesis seminar. In the seminar is indicated the supervisor(s) of the thesis.

Required literature will be defined in the seminar.

The seminar can consist of lectures and/or seminar work and/or group discussions and/or workshops and/or student conference. The seminar work can be presented in the student conference. In the student conference the student present his/her work in public and can act as an opponent/discussant. In the student conference can be used external commentators.

The assessment is based on participation of the seminar work and/or presentation of the texts during the seminar and/or evaluation and reading of the other students’ work. The grading of the course is 0-5.

The accomplishment of the seminar consists of presentation of the research idea, presentation of materials, theories, research plan and presentation of the final seminar work and commenting other papers and act as opponent/discussant.