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12.12.2019 at 09:00 - 13.1.2020 at 23:59
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Here is the course’s teaching schedule. Check the description for possible other schedules.

Mon 13.1.2020
09:15 - 11:45
Mon 20.1.2020
09:15 - 11:45
Mon 27.1.2020
09:15 - 11:45
Mon 3.2.2020
09:15 - 11:45
Mon 10.2.2020
09:15 - 11:45
Mon 17.2.2020
09:15 - 11:45
Mon 24.2.2020
09:15 - 11:45


Jakso on valinnainen erityisala sosiaalitieteiden kandiohjelman opiskelijoille ja vaihto-opiskelijoille.

Basic studies in social sciences or other relevant discipline.

After completing the course students will have a firmer grasp of the varied breadth of approaches captured under the umbrella term critical social psychology and in doing so will be in a better position to critically evaluate their relative value. Simultaneously, they will develop a strong foundational understanding of the complex linkage between theory and method in forming a methodological stance in social research. By the end of the course the students will have a collection of critical tools at their disposal to examine the main claims of a critical social psychology, which can also be easily transferred to other fields of relevance.

Kandiopintojen 2. tai 3. lukuvuosi, 3. tai 4. periodi.

Students will be introduced to the key themes of a critical social psychology, demonstrating how these have developed in response to discontent with existing social psychological research. A number of central theoretical perspectives that critical social psychologists have turned to will be explored to see how they have been marshalled to challenge mainstream social psychological assumptions and practices. Critical social psychology is, for the main (though not always), associated with a primary focus on qualitative research practices. As such, the foundations of qualitative research in social psychology will be explored in an attempt to highlight some of the key debates within critical methodologies. Two main approaches will be examined – discourse analysis and narrative analysis – to ground these debates within the actual research process while simultaneously problematising common conceptions of the self found in mainstream social psychology. Finally, taking the tools we have developed so far in exploring the theoretical and methodological foundations of critical social psychology, we will appraise the sub-discipline of critical health psychology.

The course is based on lectures, readings, online work and face-to-face discussions.

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Asteikolla 0-5 (0 = hylätty, 1 = välttävä, 2 = tyydyttävä, 3 = hyvä, 4 = kiitettävä, 5 = erinomainen)

Teaching language: English

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