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Opintojakso on valinnainen sukupuolentutkimuksen kanditason opintokokonaisuutta suorittaville opiskelijoille.

Opintojakson suorittamalla opiskelija tutustuu sukupuolentutkimuksen temaattiseen aihealueeseen.

During the course we examine food production and eating from different feminist research perspectives. In the course, food is studied as a constitutive part of everyday life and politics and therefore as linked to the various intersecting differences central to feminist studies: gender, race, class, and sexuality. Also the question of non-human others as and in relation to food is examined in the course. The course deals with, for example, everyday gendered practices around food production, preparation and eating, feminist food justice, animal production through feminist and animal ethics, food from posthumanist and new materialist perspectives, food and racialization, postcolonial perspectives on food, and social movements related to food. In the course, the student will learn how to think of food from the perspective of different feminist theories. The student will also learn how food is part of feminist politics and what kinds of tools feminist research provides to tackle food-related social and environmental issues.

Working methods: Reading articles, watching/listening to online material, online discussions in small groups, practice-oriented assignments, final essay and self-assessment

Readings, materials: Assigned readings for each week, including academic articles, book chapters, and internet resources (including videos and/or podcasts).

Maximus amount of students 30.

Applications 5.12.1019 – 9.1.2020 here

Yleinen asteikko 0–5.

The course is organized by the Hilma Network for Gender Studies.

For more information about the course and how to apply, please go to the networks home page. Application to the course ends on 11.09.2019.

Students with a study right at the University of Helsinki can apply to all Hilma courses.


Teachers: Pieta Hyvärinen & Freja Högback

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