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29.11.2019 at 08:00 - 20.5.2020 at 16:00


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Students of the Master's Programme in Translational Medicine, recommended in specialisation Neuroscience and Psychobiology.

To be able to understand and describe the basic concepts in neuroscience.

Examinations are arranged in periods I to IV, before period I and in June.

Study method is online examination in Examinarium. First enroll in WebOodi. Then make the time and place reservation in Examinarium: https://guide.student.helsinki.fi/en/article/taking-exams-examinarium-electronic-exam-rooms

Purves, Augustine, Fitzpatrick, Hall, LaMantia, Mooney, Platt, White (eds.) Neuroscience (6th edition). Oxford University Press.

The exam is based on the whole book.

Grading 0-5.

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