Name Cr Method of study Time Location Organiser
Kvantitatiiviset menetelmät 5 Cr Lecture Course 16.3.2021 - 6.5.2021
Kvantitatiiviset menetelmät 5 Cr Lecture Course 9.3.2020 - 30.4.2020
Kvantitatiiviset menetelmät 5 Cr Lecture Course 11.3.2019 - 2.5.2019
Kvantitatiiviset menetelmät 5 Cr Lecture Course 12.3.2018 - 7.5.2018


Mahdolliset suositeltavat edelliset opinnot: Johdatus yhteiskuntatilastotieteeseen

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, students will be proficient in the basic tools of statistical analysis in social change and adept at reading statistics. Students will be able to produce and interpret descriptive statistics, while being proficient in the basic concepts of statistical analysis. They will be able to assess the reliability and problems of statistics.


Opetusperiodi 4


The course covers central statistical types and concepts (central tendencies, dispersion, test statistics, the basics of statistical inference and statistical significance) through case examples and statistical types relevant to the disciplines of the degree programme. Areas examined include measurements, reliability and validity, surveys, cross tabulation, indexes, the correlation coefficient, time series, the basics of linear regression analysis, methods of drawing up and presenting tables and figures, and the basics of using statistical software.

Activities and teaching methods in support of learning

Luennot, harjoitukset, tentti.

Study materials

Feinstein, Charles H. & Thomas, Mark 2002. Making History Count: A primer in quantitative methods for historians. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Adobe e-kirja saatavilla).

Muu soveltuva kirjallisuus, erityisesti tieteelliset artikkelit e-lehdissä.

Assessment practices and criteria

Graded on a scale of 0 to 5. All completed components will be taken into account in assessment, while self-assessment is promoted.

Completion methods

The course is implemented as contact and/or online teaching, including literature and assignments